Discovery’s explanation for the burns is very disappointing

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 11, “Su’Kal”.

Star Trek: Discovery finally discovering the cause of the Burns, and the culprit is both unexpected and utterly disappointing. In Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 11, “Su’kal”, Captain Sarah (Doug Jones), Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and others. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) transferred to KBS Khi’eth, the research ship Kelpien that crashed into a dilithium nursery inside the volatile Verubin Nebula. There, Starfleet officers realized the cause of the burn was Su’Kal (Bill Irwin), an emotionally damaged Kelpien, was born in a nebula and lived alone on a ship Khi’eth in the last 125 years.

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USS Discoveryinvestigation Khi’eth it was largely in the background of the previous two-part episode of “Terra Firma,” which dealt with the return of Emperor Philipp Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) to the Mirror Universe and its departure from the 32nd century thanks to The Guardian Forever (Paul Guilfoyle). But while Georgiou’s fate was being determined, Lieutenant Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp), Adira (Blu Del Barrio), Commander Jett Reno (Tig Notaro) and Cleveland Booker (David Ajala) worked hard trying to gain access. Khi’ethThe computer in the Verubin Nebula – a book of feats achieved by resorting to smuggling technology used by an evil emerald chain.

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Once Discovery ‘The computer opened the wallpaper for Khi’eth ‘in systems, they discovered one Kelpien sign of life, which seemed impossible since Kelpien’s ship crashed more than 125 years ago, and the radiation inside the nebula is almost instantly deadly. But Sarah determined from the hologram Khi’eththis is Dr. Issa (Hannah Spear) Discovery determined that Kelpien’s wife was pregnant, meaning she was the only survivor on board Khi’eth was a descendant of Dr. Issa. Sarah, Burnham, and Culber sat in Khi’eth (and were transformed by the ship’s holodeck program into man, trill and Bajoran), to find Kelpien, whose name is Su’Kal. But as they discovered, the truth about Su’Kal is that it is biologically related to dilithium in the Verubin Nebula and is the cause of burns.

In fact, another Burn nearly occurred during Starfleet visiting team’s interaction with Su’Kal, which caused a mini dilithium flame that affected the core cores and USS concealment devices. Discovery and the starship of the Emerald Chain Viridian. Discovery, who was under the temporary command of First Officer Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman), became vulnerable and was kidnapped by the Emerald Chain and its leader Osyraa (Janet Kidder). With Discoverythe crew separated and was mortally endangered, plus the USS Discovery and his challenge to which Osyra held hostage, the truth about The Burn has almost advanced in multiple crises Discovery faces.

Everything Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 revealed about burns

Star Trek Discovery Dilithium planet

Based on everything Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 has been discovered so far, and it is now estimated that the Burn occurred in 3064 – 125 years before the current 3189 season of the 3rd Burn was a turning point in the shortage of dilithium throughout the galaxy in the 31st century. The United Federation of Planets has ordered all 350 of its member worlds to dedicate their supreme scientific minds to resolving the dilithium crisis; the most promising solution was the SB-19 from the planet Ni’Var, home to the Vulcan and Romulan races. The SB-19 was an instant spacecraft system without the need for warp propulsion, but Ni’Var believed the project was too dangerous to continue. However, the Federation rejected Ni’Var’s request to close the program, which led to Ni’Var leaving the Federation, even though the Romulans wanted to stay.

The results of the Burns destroyed and changed the course of the galaxy over the next 125 years. Thousands of starships suffered almost simultaneous warp cores caused by burns, and explosions killed millions. With the destruction of most of the Starfleet, the Federation collapsed, and even the terrifying United States separated and became an isolationist planet. By 3189, only 38 worlds remained in the Federation and the Starfleet had difficulty protecting the remaining planets. Meanwhile, the Orions and Andorrans entered into a new trade alliance; its branch came under the control of Osyra and became known as the Emerald Chain which plundered the worlds for supplies, resources, and all remnants of dilithium. The emerald chain became the biggest threat to what was left of the Federation.

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During his one-year investigation, Michael Burnham determined that The Burn was not a concurrent event as opinion became commonplace. Burnham procured three black spaceship boxes destroyed by The Burn, including the USS Yelchin. Together with the SB-19 data given to her by Ni’Var, Burnham and Tilly learned that Burn’s origin was the highly radioactive Verubin Nebula. It was inside the nebula Khi’eth, the wrecked research ship Kelpien, which is investigating a dilithium nursery that has been sending a distress signal for the past 125 years. However, the signal also took the form of a lullaby, which permeated the galaxy so many people knew the tune even though the planets had no contact with each other after Burn erased long-range communications – and the lullaby was played for baby Su’Kal.

How Su’Kal caused the burns


Su’Kal was born in the Verubin Nebula and was a very young child when he caused a burn that occurred due to a cell change of Kelpien in utero due to its proximity to radiation from the Verubin Nebula and dilithium on the planetoid Khi’eth crash on. Further, Su’Kal suffered the death of his mother, Dr. Issa, and the other Kelpiens on board Khi’eth from radiation poisoning; meanwhile, Su’Kal is protected from radiation due to its altered DNA. Before his death, Dr. Issa has programmed the holodeck of her ship to create a complex simulation, along with numerous characters, to elevate Su’Kal and keep him company, but the program hasn’t worked for decades due to the radiation of the Verubin Nebula.

In any case, it is likely that the trauma of his mother’s death caused young Su’Kal to react with violent feelings 125 years ago, which triggered a chain reaction of dilithium that escaped the nebula and caused burns. Su’Kal nearly caused another burn when he was terribly frightened by Kelpien’s monster in the holodeck program, and only because Sara Su’Kalu sang a lullaby did he calm down and prevent another full-fledged Burn from happening.

Why Burn’s explanation is disappointing

Star trails Discovery Burnham with flag

Since the constant change in the setting of the show in the 32nd century, Star Trek: Discovery has boldly charted a new exciting future in the galaxy after Burns. The new direction paid off in dividends with eyebrow-raising discoveries about old friends like Vulcans, Earth and the Federation, fascinating new enemies like Osyrae and the Emerald Chain, and honoring the vast history of the entire Star Trek franchise. Considering the literal universe of possibilities at their disposal, the cause is a great decline Star Trek: Discovery It turns out that the biggest mystery of season 3 – which literally redefined the galaxy – is Kellowen’s man-child.

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Many fans, even Emperor Georgiou himself, speculated and hoped that when Michael Burnham and her crew solved the mystery of The Burn, the arrows would point to the brain that had created the largest galactic catastrophe in Star Trek history, and, even better, perhaps Discovery would discover the next big one Star Trek a villain to rival Khan (Ricardo Montalban) or the Borg queen (Alice Krige). Instead, the Burn seems to have been a mistake caused by a small child who still knows nothing better as an adult. Worse, Su’Kal isn’t even a particularly interesting character; even though he is 125 years old, he seems to be emotionally still a kindergarten, which is unusual and turns the burnout accident into a cosmic joke.

While interfering with Kelpien’s teachings in the past has been fascinating, and Su’Kal’s discovery will no doubt affect Captain Sara forward, Su’Kal is the reason what happened to Burn’s tragic misjudgment that drastically lets out air Star Trek: Discoveryballoon season 3. The burn was created to be a great mystery by Michael Burnham and Discovery it is necessary to crack in order to rebuild the Federation. The truth about the Burns was supposed to be an incredible payment to the USS Discoveryis a monumental first year in the more dangerous and unstable 32nd century. Instead, the reason for the burn and the entire galaxy thrown to its knees was because Kelpien’s baby was saddened and scared, which is a disappointment of epic proportions.

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