DISCOVERED: The embassy of the real reason was appointed to the APC board

Former Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode was appointed on Tuesday as a member of the contact and strategy committee of the All Progressives Congress to ensure that former Lagos Governor and National Congress leader of all progressives Bol Tinubu gives up his 2023 ambition, sources said. in a foreign country.

According to the Daily Trust, the appointment of Amboda was supposed to diminish Tinubu’s influence in the southwest as the ruling APC continued to bring in political actors believed to be against Tinubu.

Earlier, a minister who served in President Muhammad Buhari’s cabinet said the president was not convinced that Tinubu should be his successor by 2023.

Ambode, whose candidacy for the second term in 2019 was curtailed by Tinubu, was ousted in the controversial APC primary elections in the state of Lagos, in which the current governor of Babajide Sanwo-Olu – Tinubu’s anointed godson – ran.

From then on, Ambode was outside the Lagos political scene and at the federal level until his appointment by the APC on Tuesday.

In addition to Amboda, the party has achieved top results in the southwestern political zone, including former Osun Deputy Governor Iyiolu Omisore; among others the former governor of the state of Ogun, Gbenga Daniel and the former president of Bankole.

There are reports that the APC persuaded them to demystify Tinubu before 2023.

Speaking about the relationship between Bukhari and Tinubu, a source in the presidency said: “President Bukhari has never had a cordial relationship with Asiwaju. He believes the former governor of Lagos should be used to achieve his ambition. After the 2015 elections, you will remember that Asiwaju was abandoned .

“He was close again before the 2019 elections. So there is no need to worry about their relationship. The same scenario is unfolding,” he said.

A member of the government told the Daily Trust that the president did not hide the fact that he was not interested in Tinubu’s candidacy.

“The president is not interested in Tinubu’s candidacy because he is not convinced that Asiwaju is the right person to succeed him,” the minister said.

The rift between Bukhari and Tinubu visibly widened when sources in the Presidency explained why Buhari would not support Tinubu’s 2023 ambition.

A member of the first family stated that there are efforts to convince the president to support a candidate who would protect his (Bukhari’s) interest when leaving the presidential term in 2023.

The APC senior envoy also said the president was not happy with events in the southwest, although he accused Tinubu of doing nothing visible to quell the region’s growing unrest.