Dinosaur Jr. announces Kurt Vile’s new co-produced album, shares “I Ran Away” [Watch]

Dinosaur Jr. has released details about his 12th studio album, Sweep it into space, and shared the lead single, “I Escaped”. Released April 23 Jagjaguwar, co-produced the album Kurt Vile who also plays a 12-string guitar on the main single.

Trio – composed of J. Mascis,, Lou Barlow, i Murph—Originally, the project started in the fall of 2019 Amherst’s biquiteen with the help of Vile. Dinosaur Jr. was originally planned to issue Sweep it into space in mid-2020, until a pandemic thwarted those plans. As the group retreated into quarantine, Dinosaur Jr. he was forced to finish the album without Vile, although Mascis said he eventually “imitated a few things” that Vile set during the initial sessions.

“I listened a lot Tanka Lizzy, so I was trying to get a part of that double lead sound duel, ”Mascis said in a press release. “But the filming session ended pretty well at the moment when things really hit the fans. When the lock-up happened in March, it meant I was alone. But it was great. ”

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The main single puts that adoration of Thin Lizzy on full display, while Vile wears a 12-string guitar paired with Mascis ’six-string. The fast 3: 30-minute delivers just the right amount of stone energy built behind a likable chorus. The video for “I Ran Away,” released along with the album’s announcement, combines the song with the visualizer of the album’s chromatic cover.

Watch the video for Dinosaur Jr.’s latest single, “I Ran Away” from the upcoming album Sweep it into space. The album is available for pre-order here. Scroll down to see the cover and complete playlist.

Dinosaur Jr. – “I escaped” (official visualizer)

[Video: dinosaurjr]

Sweep it into space Tracklist

1. I didn’t
2. I met the stones
3. To wait
4. I ran away
5. Garden
6. Hide another circle
7. Me too
8. I expect it always
9. Put it back
10. N say
11. Walking to you
12. You wonder

See the playlist