Did the Irregular get into the original books about Sherlock Holmes?

Based on the works of the famous writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Netflix Irregular follows a group of troubled unfortunates who investigate a series of supernatural cases in Victorian London on behalf of the mysterious Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. The crime drama offers viewers a modern look at classic Sherlock Holmes stories, but are The Irregular presented in the original books?

The short answer is, yes, The Irregular has indeed been featured in several original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, including the first novel in which Holmes appears, Study at Scarlet, published in 1887. In the book, the Irregular is presented as a gang of street youth hired by Holmes and Watson to investigate specific cases. However, unlike the Netflix adaptation, the crew is very much on the margins of the story.

The Irregular team appeared during several other adaptations of Sherlock Holmes stories on small screens, including the 1983 BBC series. The guys from Baker Street and a 2007 TV movie Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street irregularists. More recently, the fictional gang has also appeared in the hit American drama Basically and the BBC Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch, during which the Irregular were called a “homeless network”.

This new eight-episode crime drama revolves around a gang of street teenagers known as the Irregular who are being manipulated into solving crimes for the mysterious and elusive duo of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. However, as cases lean further into the supernatural, dark powers begin to emerge that threaten not only London but the entire world.

The leading role in the show is Curfew Thaddea Graham as Bea’s Irregularities Manager, The Bay’s Darci Shaw as the troubled Jessie, Gentlemen McKell star David as Spike, Sex education Jojo Macari as the antagonist of Billy and Catch-22 star Harrison Osterfield as the mysterious Leo. According to iNews, the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on display The Inbetweeners star Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Line of duty Royce Pierreson.

Like Daily mail reports, viewers can look forward to a fresh interpretation of the Victorian-era Holmes universe and the creator of Netflix Irregular, Tom Bidwell, received great inspiration in researching supernatural themes by Conan Doyle. Commenting on the new series, executive producer Jude Liknaitzky explained that Bidwell’s adaptation was “very different from any other” and teased “fans will love the big mysteries and analyze the clues throughout the story”.

Irregular is available for viewing on Netflix from Friday, March 26th.