Dick van Dyke gave WandaVision’s advice on how to beat the tone

Dick van Dyke sat down with WandaVision director Matt Shakman and helped him set the tone for the first few episodes of the series.

WandaVision director Matt Shakman received advice from Dick van Dyke for the first episodes of the series-sitcom. WandaVision premiered its first two episodes on Disney + over the weekend. These episodes dive deep into the sitcom influences that were known to be separate from the show, which through its nine episodes will explore different television periods before becoming what is said to be a full-length MCU action film.

Before the action, however, WandaVision he has to state his premise, and the first two episodes did just that. The first episode is a riff of classic sitcoms from the 50s The Dick van Dyke Show i I love Lucy, while the second episode moves to a Enchanted-like an episode. To achieve the tone, the show was recorded in front of the audience of the live studio program, and the episode itself became difficult to detail in order to immerse the audience and actors in the sitcom of the past years. Shakman also sat down with van Dyke to nail the first few episodes of the show.

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Shakman had lunch with van Dyke, according to ET Online. That lunch, Shakman says, was a big help in achieving the tone of the show, the one that had to balance comedy and classic sitcom tropics with its bigger, more ominous story. Shakman says the show was deep in pre-production when he sat down with Van Dyke, who told him how to mimic the classic sitcom tropes on which the show’s episodes would be based, noting that the show’s nonsense should also be grounded in the reality of his world.

“We had been in production for a few months then, but we had yet to start filming. So a lot of the things I took from that lunch really affected the way we approached it, especially our pilot episode, which is a kind of homage Dick Van Dyke’s show, as well as I Love Lucy and some of the other sitcoms of that era. But we learned from Dick Van Dyke that their first rule of how they approached something was that if it can’t happen in real life, it can’t happen in a show either. What an idea you need to base it on what you do in real life stories, but then it gives you permission to be incredibly stupid and fall over ottomans and make parachutes. This was of great help to us in approaching the tone, because correcting the tone is most difficult in the 50s, 60s, 70s. It’s changing. It adapts. What’s so funny? How far does comedy go? I mean, Archie Bunker and Dick Van Dyke are very different, and yet they’re both hilarious. Their humor is timeless, and yet very different. Archie Bunker would never run into an ottoman, would he? So, it’s just a matter of discovering how to put your finger on it and how the actors, Paul, Lizzie and the rest of this amazing cast could put their finger on it and calibrate on it. “

Elizabeth Oslen and Paul Bettany in the black and white WandaVision scene

By all accounts, WandaVision more than effectively imitates the iconic comedies he aimed to conjure up. Reviews for WandaVisionThe first three episodes praised the series ’ability to portray the idyllic life of Westnda Wanda and Vision in the same way that sitcoms of the past portrayed their cities. In fact, this element of the show seems to be one of the main reasons it is so successful, attracting those who are tired of the MCU formula and looking for a different and increasingly strange access point to a dense franchise.

Still, one piece of advice had to be stretched to its limits. Shakman says van Dyke stressed that humor must be based on reality, but with Wanda and Vision, reality is not at all what it seems. Still, the show effectively balances its sitcom humor with the more unusual aspects of the superheroes immersed in it, bringing elements of Wanda and Vision’s power in a way that doesn’t seem out of place in the era they’re invoked into. WandaVision the series is expected to continue in the coming weeks, and only that will make future episodes even more appealing. Seeing them perform episodes based on more modern sitcoms like Office is exciting, given that the opening episodes have become the most important premiere test.

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Source: ET Online

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