Destiny 2’s Dawning Spirit awards have tripled to help the community complete the quest for the event

The Dawn of Destiny 2 event usually follows a familiar recipe. Guardians explore the galaxy to dismember enemies and bake cookies for certain rewards. However, this time we also have a joint search called Abundance of Gifts that gives everyone a lifting mood to each other in that, e, year they are trying. It’s a sweet idea, but the community is on its way to succeeding because the demands are proving too great.

Now, however, Bungie has jumped in to give everyone a helping hand. The rewards of the Spirit of Dawn from all sources have tripled. Creating the Spirit of Dawn is simple enough, because all you have to do is fulfill missions, teach blessings, and cook recipes. There is also some incentive, as everyone gets bigger rewards as the community crosses more milestones.

It remains to be seen if the change will help players cross the line, but hey! It looks more likely now than before. The event runs until January 5 next year, so there’s plenty of time to immerse yourself if you want to get involved.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Back in the season of the worthy, we had a step in the common quest in a larger mission to unlock the Felwinter lie rifle. He didn’t really give in either, so Bungie increased the prize there as well.

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