Despite the danger of exclusion, FG insists that the National Sports Festival will continue – Television Television

This combination of photos shows teams from different countries at the opening ceremony of the 20th National Sports Festival in the Edo States on April 6, 2021.

The federal government said on Thursday that the 20th National Sports Festival currently underway in the state of Edo would continue as planned, despite threats of closure by the Local Organizing Committee.

The LOC said on Wednesday that the federal government has yet to redeem its financial support to the host state for the cost of the delay, leaving it no option but to finish the games on Thursday at noon.

However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has developed that no officially documented move to shut down the games is known.

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“The Ministry and the Main Organizing Committee (MOC) for the festival are not aware of any plans or threats by the Edo government to close the sports festival, as there was no official meeting or communication conveying such information,” the statement said. said Sports Ministry spokesman Ramon Balogun.

“The Honorary Minister, Permanent Secretary and Directors are on the ground in Benin City where the Festival is being held, and the Edo State Government is expected to officially invite the Ministry to a meeting if there is urgency around the National Sports Festival or officially communicate with the Main Organizing Committee (MOC) for the festival. The Ministry does not have such communication.

“For records, the Edo state government has requested financial assistance from the federal government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports due to the cost implications of the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ministry has since been working to secure the financial aid it believes is being processed. MYSD and EDSG are determined to provide a successful National Sports Festival. “

The festival was officially marked on Tuesday after several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.