Deeper Life School suspends principal over ‘child abuse’ case

The management of Deeper Life High School in Akwa Ibom State has suspended Solomon Ndidi, the director of the institution, for allegations involving bullying of students.

Deborah Okezie, a woman whose son JSS1 is a student at a Christian school, shared video on her Facebook account whereupon she claimed that some older students at the school were starving and harassing her son.

Okezie claimed her son told her that the school principal had moved her to a hostel for older students for urinating in his bed.

She also claimed that the older students mistreated the boy by pushing his arms and legs into his anus.

The mother claimed that her son told her that they had threatened to kill him if he reported to the principal or his parents.

She said that the director promised to return the eleven-year-old to the hostel, but he did not succeed.

The video went viral and caused outrage on social media, prompting the school to let go statement on Monday, where he responded to allegations.

Although she noted that the principal had been suspended, the school said an investigation into the case had begun.

“We would like to categorically reiterate that the High School of Deeper Life is built on the core values ​​of piety and excellence and will not tolerate any immoral act or abuse of any student,” the school wrote.

“We believe that parents / guardians enroll their departments in our schools across the country because of the strong perception that ours offers a secure platform for moral armament and academic excellence.

“We want to convince the general public that investigations into the case have begun and no culprit, whether staff or students, will be spared if found guilty at the end of the exercise.

“As a temporary measure and in order to underline the seriousness we attach to higher values ​​of supervision, the school director was briefly suspended even while further investigations are continuing.

“We firmly assure the discerning public that the general outcome of the investigation will be known.

“And appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against all the culprits in this unfortunate act which, admittedly, threatens to throw unnecessary turmoil at a single institution that has been a shining example all these years.”

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