Deepak Chopra is coming to Fitbit Premium


Fitbit has added a collection of guided meditations to its collection with world-famous wellness manager Deepak Chopr Premium subscription-based application.

Carefulness has become a prominent trend in the world of healthcare technology, and some of the major players in the universe are incorporating even more of these features into their applications and wearables as we continue. move with stress and the uncertainty of this global pandemic. Earlier this year, Apple also added a series Attention-focused audio walks for the Apple Watch by his own Apple Fitness Plus subscription service.

We hadn’t tried the experience at Fitbit Premium yet, but we were doing live audio meditation with Chopro on the eve of the launch, where he guided us through a 10-minute grounding session that made us feel calmer and mentally refreshed.

Subscribers to Fitbit Premium ($ 9.99 per month or $ 80 per year) will have access to over 30 recorded Chopra meditation sessions with mindfulness sessions already available in the app.



While the sessions are similar to what you’d find in other meditation apps and services on offer, what sets Fitbit’s sessions apart is the integration with Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers. These devices can monitor changes in heart rate during each session and show how each session affects overall well-being.

If desired, the Fitbit Sense electrodermal activity sensor can also be used to detect changes in stress levels. Fitbit sees EDA measurements as another indicator of stress, but for now its use top watch Sense it felt experimental.

Chopra is one of the bigger names to hit Fitbit’s Premium service, but not the first. The service also offers workouts with renowned trainer Ayesh Curry and other names in fitness.

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