DC’s new hero crossed Thor with poison ivy

On the pages of DC’s Endless Winter event, Swamp Thing just got a new host, making a great Thor / Poison Ivy hybrid.

Warning! Spoilers forward Justice League Dark # 29 Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

The latest DC Comics crossover event Endless winter saw the terror of the King of Frost returning to the DC Universe after its defeat in the 10th century. He has now launched a new and even more deadly blizzard across the planet, forcing the Justice League of the modern era into action, while seeking support from those who have fought him in the past: the ancient and first Justice Leagues. Although some of them were defeated during the first clash with the King of Frost, a new hero has risen whose base is basically a hybrid of Marvel’s thunder god Thor and Batman-villain Poison Ivy.

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Every chapter Endless winter so far it has contained feedback to the past of the DC Universe, seeing the first Frost King attack on the world. Warriors and champions like the Amazon queen Hippolyta, the Viking prince, Black Adam and one of the first versions of The Swamp Thing came together to meet the King of Frost in battle. However, Frost King was really just a man from Greenland with a family that showed terribly powerful and uncontrollable powers of cryokesis. Unfortunately, when the fear of his fellow citizens became too great, they attacked and one of the children of the King of Frost was caught in the crossfire. This led to the first Endless Winter fueled by the pain, rage and suffering of the Frost King. The outcome of the battle with the ancient League of Justice also saw the Frost King kill both the Swamp Thing and the Viking Prince, although the victim of the Viking Prince is what has kept the Frost King so long shut to this day.

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Now that the King of Frost has freed himself, the modern League of Justice and the League of Justice of Darkness have sought the guidance of the mother of the Wonderful Woman of Queen Hippolyta. Together they manage to summon the disembodied spirit of the Viking prince to ask him for help, which confirms that the Frost King family could be the key to stopping his power and reaching the man below. However, it seems that Prince Viking will do more than just provide useful words, because Wonder Woman comes with a piece of swamp stuff. By merging, the spirit of the Viking Prince inhabits the Swamp Thing, creating an epic Nordic / plant hybrid hero to help the Justice League in their fight.

The new swamp thing 2

While this new redesigned version of Swamp Stuff is pretty cool with all of Nordic aesthetics, it’s also reminiscent of Thor’s recent exploits during Marvel’s summer Empyre an event, where the God of Thunder unlocked his powers from his mother Gaee, gaining control of Earth itself and the plant alien army of Cotati for a while. Basically, it was as if Thor had gained the power of Poison Ivy over plant life, and this new DC hero definitely seems to fit that description as well.

Likewise, fans couldn’t miss the stadium to expect this new Viking Swamp Thing to be similarly epic in future releases Endless Winter. He’s likely to prove to be an epic ally in the fight against the Frost King, and it’s always fun to see characters undergoing wild new transformations – even if they’re only temporary, as this one is likely to be. Prince Viking, however, was at peace in Valhalla. As soon as the King of Frost is taken care of and is no more, the Viking Prince will most likely return to his afterlife, and the Swamp Thing will return to the element as it once was. Regardless, the next few editions Endless winter they will certainly be quite remarkable as heroes close to their final showdown with Frost King in DC Comics

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