DC’s Infinite Frontier proves that the future state will mean something

The next generation of DC Comics heroes seemed to be a story of lost potential, but the Infinite Frontier gives them a chance for lasting impact.

The future DC Comics is coming … and maybe it would actually reach the future of DC Comics. When is Batman first published by the publisher The future state, the shock of a new wave of heroes and changes in the DC Universe has been mitigated by plans to make it a very temporary event. But recently DC announced it The future state they would follow Infinite limit # 0, a special edition for one edition that changes everything that readers expect by giving The future state a chance for long-term impact.

The future state is a crossover event across the line that for decades leaps into the coming years of the DC Universe, landing in a new vision of Earth where the next generation of heroes will adopt plaques of legends like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The new Justice League, made up of brand new characters and adult versions of heroic children, also comes with a new world where Gotham has become a cyberpunk dystopia, the Amazons have united under one banner, and the paranoid Superman has captured Metropolis in a bottle. The future state takes over DC’s comic book line in January and February 2021.

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As reboots go, it’s much shorter than most. When rumors began circulating about a story that would feature the next generation of DC heroes, rumors suggested it would be a complete reboot at the 2011 DC level. New 52 an event that completely recreated the DC Multiverse. Jim Lee of DC denied the plan, but had little information to leave, and the shadow of the event hung over everything the publisher did in 2020. At the end of the year, DC showed up The future state, which fit into that account, but will only last two months, making it more like a small, relatively irrelevant story in line Convergence, a two-month festival of nostalgia from 2015 that introduced alternative versions of Superman and Hal Jordan into the main universe, but otherwise did not communicate with it.

Infinite limit # 0 it seems to indicate otherwise. An anthology special from a long list of DC Comics creative teams, each of which gives a short story that takes a peek at where the main DC characters will head next year. The series focuses on the current timeline, but The future stateVersions of Superman and Batman appear on the cover, and one of the confirmed stories tells of two women who inherited Diana as the Wonder Woman, Yara Flor and Nubia.

DC Comics seems to have learned from the success story of Marvel’s latest hit character, Miles Morales called Spider-Man. Usually the “inherited hero” procedure requires the title holder to step down and transfer the name to a replacement. But Miles shows that two people can hold the name of a hero from the A-list together, and even be friends, without the audience being confused. DC Comics there are a lot of fresh characters full of potential, some of which have already captivated fans, and that’s a positive sign that these concepts may not be put back in the back basket after all. Infinite limit # 0 goes on sale in local comic book stores and digital vendors on March 2, 2021.

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