Dave Bautista says nothing will make him return to the WWE

Dave Bautista, who has starred in a number of big budget films in recent years, says nothing will force him to return to the WWE.

More than a decade into his very lucrative acting career, Dave Bautista says nothing will force him to return to the WWE. Bautista wrestled for the WWE under the name “Batista” between and between 2010 and 2019. During his career, he won the World Heavyweight Championship four times, while becoming one of the most popular figures in the sport.

Bautista turned his popularity as a wrestler into a very lucrative acting career. Most famously, in 2014, he took on the role of Drax, a fat alien with super strength and without much wit in Guardians of the Galaxy. He has since appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,, Avengers: Endless War i Avengers: Endgame for Marvel Cinematic Universe, with its next MCU performance scheduled for Thor: Love and thunder. He has also appeared in similar films Blade Runner: 2049, Hotel Artemis and more. It is obvious that Mr Bautista’s film career is advancing and it seems that this success would be reason enough for anyone to leave their former career.

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Speaking recently at Zack Snyder’s Justice Con, Bautista left behind all ideas that he would ever pursue his WWE career. The whole thing started when Justice Con host Enosh Fee suggested that vaccination against COVID-19 could get Bautista, who will appear in Snyder’s An army of the dead movie next month, back to wrestling. After rejecting the idea, Bautista reasoned his reasoning, saying:

It’s hard to convince people that I’m actually retired. You have no idea how difficult the discussion is. When professional wrestlers retire, they don’t actually retire. They are somehow retiring. But, you know, when the salary is enough or the event is big enough, they retire. That’s just not the case with me. I got out of work that way from the storybook, I would never come back. I would never take that away. I just finished, man. I really have to finish on my own terms and nothing will take that away.

Crew Army Of The Dead Heist Dave Bautista

Given its own past, Bautista’s point is well accepted. Back in 2019, five years after moving away from the ring, Bautista returned to the WWE and beat up Ric Flair for the 70th birthday of a wrestling icon. Although it was probably an explosion, two years later, Bautista seems ready for it, which was the end of his wrestling career.

Bautista follows An army of the dead, a film directed by Zack Snyder that is set to be released on Netflix on May 14th. The film is described as an action movie about a zombie robbery about a group of people planning a big robbery while a zombie explosion explodes in Las Vegas. For the upcoming film, Bautista plays the role of a man named Scott Ward, who acts as the leader of the mercenary team. Depending on the performance, the film could be another reason for Bautista to focus on his acting career more than anything else.

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Source: Justice Con

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