Dauntless’ new patch refers to killing weather and weather monsters

Fearless starts the new season today with patch 1.6.0. Phoenix Labs is planning a trip during the spring and summer, but Infinite Radiance is the first step, and this patch has a weather theme.

Players can go through a season pass to earn cosmetics, including a great set of armor. The wounding now acts differently and is much more visible, allowing hunters to focus on the damaged part of the Behemoth to create momentum. War Pike weapons have also been implanted, rearranging most weapon statistics to be more effective in combat.

Image: Phoenix Labs

Today’s update has three main features that are worth noting. Phoenix Labs explains the news in the post on its website:

Trials Updates: The trials received much-needed love and care. The goals of the experiment are goal-based requirements, such as winning without falling, designed to reward mastery in combat. The individual scoreboards are now separated by weapon type and will display the total number of targets achieved. Meet the goals to secure more place in the rankings of the best and earn rewards. The time of your completion is taken into account to break the connections.

Cash prize and challenges: The cash prize is a seasonal trade that replaces the Treasury and offers a wide range of goods in exchange for a seasonal currency. The season will last approximately two hunting passes. Here you will find a number of items (including new weapon skins and armor), as well as ethers, patrol keys and classic rewards from previous passes. Unlock rewards using seasonal coins and crystals from new daily and weekly challenges: tasks with time that will ask you to kill the Behemoths, complete escalations and more. All treasury coins have been converted into these new seasonal currencies.

Real hippos and a perfect strike: Strange fluctuations in ether radiation and weather energy are reported across the Broken Islands. These disorders open cracks in different pockets of time in the past and future. During this season, players will gain access to two time series, each bringing new challenges to the hunting ground, as well as new seasonal talent trees that unlock unique abilities, starting this section with the past and its Perfect Strike ability.

Additional updates for Fearless comes on April 22, when a new cell will be added, along with more additions to the awards cache. On May 6 and May 22, there will be major updates that include the new Behemoth, Elder Behemoths, and the new Radiant Island.

Full patch notes and a roadmap can be found on the Phoenix Labs website.