Date of issue of Gordon Ramsay on the bank balance sheet rules of the game

Gordon Ramsay in his brand new BBC show Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance replaces the kitchen for the quiz arena.

Those worried that the TV chef has changed the way he broke his mouth for the BBC’s main time have nothing to fear – while Ramsay promises not to “shout”, “swear” or “be mean”, it seems to break all these guarantees in the show announcement.

A new quiz show challenges couples of contestants to balance a series of gold bars on a volatile balancing board with a chance to win ever-increasing amounts of money, but if the board collapses, they go home with nothing.

I’m talking to about why he decided to run the quiz, Ramsay revealed that he hooked up to a version of Bank Balance on a board game while his production house was developing the show.

“As the lock began to ease, so did we [Studio Ramsay] I started to transfer the idea to the networks, I realized that I was so invested in ub **** y game that I couldn’t just step back and let someone else host it, “he said.

Here’s everything you need to know about Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance sheet, when he starts and how the game works.

Date of issue of Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance sheet

Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance begins airing on BBC One at 9 p.m. Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Since then, the episodes will air on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at 9pm for the next three weeks.

What are Gordon Ramsay’s banking rules?


Hosted by TV chef Gordon Ramsay, this BBC game shows couples of contestants trying to place piles of gold bars of different sizes on a volatile balance board by answering a series of questions.

The more bars they manage to balance, the more money they could win, but as the bars accumulate, the board becomes more unstable. If everything falls apart, the competitors go home with nothing.

A jackpot of up to £ 100,000 is available, so the stakes for these hopeful competitors can’t be higher.

Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance sheet trailer

Earlier this month, the BBC published an announcement for Gordon Ramsay’s Banking Status, in which we experience the first look at a TV chef as a game host and a stressful format that will soon arrive on our screens.

Gordon Ramsay’s Banking Balance has been airing since Wednesday, February 24 at 9pm on BBC One. If you are looking for something else to watch, check out our TV guide.