Crowded House Share Darkness Impala Remix Of The Island

Crowded House shared a new version of their latest single, “To The Island,” which was remixed by Kevin Parker of Dark Impala. You can take a look below.

True to form, Parker’s remix adds a thick layer of psychedelia to the single, distorting the vocals and introducing a range of synthetic sounds.
“With the world off and without anything in the right place, we became curious to hear how our favorite contemporary musicians and producers could re-imagine the song Crowded House,” Neil Finn said in a statement.

“I e-mailed our version of ‘On the Island’ to Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) with an invitation to disassemble and reassemble it in his own unique way. Luckily, he liked the song very much and it was an absolute pleasure to hear what he made of it, an exotic fantasy I would call. ”

A version of Tame Impala will be released on 7-inch vinyl, along with a remix of the Unknown Mortal Orchestra single.

“To The Island” was published in February and was abolished from the Crowded House first album in a decade, Dreamers are waiting, which comes out on June 4th. It is the second single to be released from the album, following the “Whatever You Want” 2020, followed by a music video featuring Mac DeMarco.

“I’ve always been afraid of repeating the same formulas, and somehow this seems like a fresh and authentic way to re-enter the Crowded House today with an awareness of our entire history and where, how and why it started,” Neil Finn said of the sound of the new album.

Last week, the house was full they moved their dates in the UK and Europe to the summer of 2022. However, unlike many of the world’s artists, Crowded House has recently been able to perform live. They recently completed a successful trip to New Zealand, hosted by founding members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour, along with producer and keyboardist Mitchell Froome, guitarist and singer Liam Finn and his younger brother, drummer Elroy Finn.

Dreamers are waiting comes out on June 4 and can be pre-booked here.