Cricket: Lagos, Edo advances to the semifinals of the men’s championship

The states of Lagos and Edo took part in a duel that bit their nails in the final game of Pool A at the state championship for men in Benin City.

The host country humiliated the stars of Hoofed Lagos with four rides.

Despite the defeat, Lagos was still at the top of the group, leaving Edo in second place as he shattered the hopes of Anambra, who had pushed Kwar away earlier that day in hopes of leading to the semi-finals on Edo’s defeat.

Uthe Ogbimi, the selector under 19, praised the dedication of the Edo team, saying that he got the best out of them.

“I think the two teams that qualified justified their places in the semi-finals, although both teams showed a certain level of vulnerability. I believe we should go back and sort this out as the game progresses to 50 over the round, ”he said.

Anambra and Kwara are now out of the tournament.

Meanwhile, four teams in Pool B: Rivers, Ebonyi, Kaduna and Oyo will take to the Turf Wickets for their prep games from Thursday (today) to Saturday at Edo Boys High School in Benin City.

Kaduna and Rivers will open rounds for the group, while Ebonyi, a last minute replacement for Delta State and Oyo, will duel later in the afternoon.

Enesi Habeeb, technical director of the Nigerian Cricket Federation, said that the event justified its payment.

“This event fulfills what we hope it will achieve for us in team selection and technical details. Obviously we have a lot of work to do and I believe national coach Asanka (Gurusinha), who is also on the field, has his notes full. ”

The championship ends on March 31.