Completion date: Latest comments dr. Ronan Glynn, Stephen Donnelly, Micheal Martin at a government meeting

The cabinet is scheduled to meet today to discuss a law relating to mandatory quarantine measures as pressure on the government to curb foreign travel to the country grows.

Minister Stephen Donnelly is expected to pass laws aimed at tackling international travel to the country and reducing virus transmission – especially new versions.

It is considered that the mandatory quarantine in the hotel for up to 14 days will be applied to everyone who comes from countries that are considered to be at risk.

It comes because a decision will soon be made on the Irish locking rules with level five restrictions in force until March 5.

Ireland has seen some encouraging signs in recent days that the infection is declining, and yesterday, for the first time since December, 0 deaths were recorded.

However, all indications are that as of March 5, there will be no major changes to the locking restrictions that are likely to last until Easter.

Dr. Ronan Glynn

Dr. Ronan Glynn, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health

Speaking during a Covid-19 press briefing on Monday, Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Ronan Glynn said it was too early to plan for people to see each other on Easter.

He said the focus is still on getting the kids back to school.

He also expressed concern after 100 cases were discovered at Galway University and a number of other people are awaiting test results.

Dr. Glynn said, “We just can’t have that at the population level right now to keep fighting the disease.”

Stephen Donnelly

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly TD arrives at a cabinet meeting at a government building on Merrion Street in Dublin

Speaking over the weekend, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said it was still “too early” to give an accurate answer when locking measures could be lifted.

“Given the uncertainty about vaccines and their variants, it is difficult to give an accurate answer.

“Progress has been made and we have the biggest drop in Europe. However, close contacts are growing again, positivity rates remain high, and the percentage of new cases in Dublin is rising again.

“Given all that, it is too early to give the correct answer.

“Close contacts are increasing again, not much, but they are increasing again. Positivity rates remain high, especially among close contacts. The percentage of new cases coming from Dublin is growing.

“We think there is a greater opportunity in terms of jobs to help people add extra protection. It is too early, considering all that, to be able to give accurate forecasts. “

Micheal Martin

Taoiseach Micheal Martin

Taoiseach Micheal Martin warned that Ireland would have to see the “critical mass” of the population before any major opening could open.

Mr Martin warned that pubs and restaurants could remain closed for several more months for fear of reviving the virus after an alarming jump after Christmas.

The Taoiseach also confirmed that restrictions similar to level 5 will remain in force after March 5, as the government strives for a slow and conservative approach to reopening the country.

Although he refused to be drawn on the exact date of reopening, Mr. Martin confirmed that support for pubs and restaurants will continue for some time to come.

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Speaking to the media, Mr Martin said: “I do not currently have a date (which I would reopen) to be honest with you.

“As for hospitality, when we get out of Covid-19 – and we’ll get out of it – there won’t be a magical day when you can say that Covid-19 is over and the beginning of a new era.

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