CoD: Warzone zombies are moving even further to Verdansk

Slow and persistent infection Call of Duty: Warzonethe map continues. In the latest update of the game, zombies, which have invaded Verdansk for the past few weeks, continued the march and reached all the way to the bank in the central and southern area of ​​the map.

As with any previous pre-deceased, this one included a new briefing on the Call of Duty website, with universal updates on zombie progress. Although previously infected areas such as the Shipwreck, Prison Complex and Verdun Hospital appear to have been cleared, the commanders in the game seem to have no theory as to where the zombies are going or what their target is.

As in previous infection zones, players can head to these areas and take out zombies from inside to earn extra money and better weapons. Of course, you will have to be careful because you will have to attack other players as well as zombies.

While it certainly seems that hordes of zombies will eventually break through the entire map, it is not known what might happen after that. Maybe a new government team or working group will be invited to clean them up, or we may end up with a completely new and destroyed version of Verdansk after the bomb ceases to exist.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War should get a big patch in the middle season sometimes next week, which could be the first time we find out what else season 2 might be for Warzone.