Chico Ejiro: Cans to Know About Nollywood Legend, Zeb Ejira’s Brother and Film Producer Wey Dieu

Chico Ejiro

Nigerian veteran, film director, screenwriter and producer, Chico Ejiro is not dying.

In the early hours of Christmas day, I passed away from the attack.

Ejiro has been given a hand for many films for the Nigerian film industry like Silent Night 1,2,3, Ashanti and 100 Days in the Jungle.

Plenty celebrating on social media to express grief over the passing of Ejira.

Here are a few ode to cans you don’t know about the late Chico Ejir.

  • I actually study agriculture at Obafemi Awolowo University, first getting a degree, and at the federal agricultural university of Umudike I switch to film production.
  • I’m the younger ship of Nollywood legend, Zeb Ejiro and I’m nicknamed ‘Mr. Prolific’ because they always spin their own movies.
  • I own Grand Touch Pictures, maybe a production house. In a five-year period, I have directed over 80 films.