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Fortnite season 5 was supposed to be a departure from the draped superheroes in tight clothing, but players recently managed to get Black Panther skin and Wakanda Forever emote. While superheroes don’t really scream Christmas, Epic Games made up for it by providing Operation Snowdown that comes with a bunch of challenges and rewards. Here you will find all the challenges and rewards of Operation Snowdown for Fortnite, and you will also find out about the end date of the event.

Although Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Taskmaster are now available for purchase, Green Arrow is another superhero who joins the battle kings scene through the January Crew package. This is something that fans of DC heroes and TV shows can look forward to, and it is another comic book figure that has been added to the game.

But apart from the superhero in clothes that leave a little imagination, below you will find all the challenges and rewards of Fortnite Operation Snowdown, and you will also find out the date when the event is scheduled for the end.

When does Operation Snowdown end in Fortnite?

Operation Snowdown is scheduled to end for Fortnite players on January 5th.

The final challenge of Operation Snowdown should be available on December 30, but the above date is when the Fortnite event is scheduled to end in full.

What happens during the event is that Snowmando offers players tasks to be done in exchange for neat prizes.

These missions come daily and – if you complete nine of them – you will be rewarded with Snowmando skin.

In the meantime, if you turn twelve, you’ll be rewarded with Frost Squad clothing that’s neat but not as good as a muscular snowman.

Challenges and Awards Fortnite Operation Snowdown

Below you will find all the challenges and rewards of Fortnite Operation Snowdown:

  • Visit five different Snowmando stations – 10,000 XP, Frost in action
  • Search five crates at Snowmando stations – 10,000 XP, surprise shield
  • Dance on five different holiday trees – 10,000 XP, Snow Strike
  • Set the top 10 with friends in three Squads matches – 20,000 XP, Snow Steel
  • Destroy five Nutcracker statues – 10,000 XP, bag
  • Travel 5000 meters to X-4 Stormingings – 10,000 XP, Snowblaster
  • Deal 250 damage to Snowmando stations – 10,000 XP, Snowblaster
  • Demolish ten opposing structures with X-4 Stormingings – 10,000 XP, Winter Wing
  • Use Chillder Launcher to inflict icy feet on ten opponents – 10,000 XP, Winter Wing
  • Collect 100 gold bars – 10,000 XP, GG Fresh
  • Catch the Snow Flopper – 10,000 XP, Toe Pick
  • Revive a player in three different matches – 20,000 XP, Merry Marauding
  • Hide in Sneaky Snowmando in three different matches – Merry Fishmas
  • Play five matches / squads with friends – 20,000 XP, Frosty Globes
  • Deal 100 damage with Action Rifle – 10,000 XP, Fish Fest
  • They set fire to two campfires – 10,000 XP, Confetti
  • Complete the nine tasks Operation Snowdown – Skinmando skin
  • Complete twelve tasks of Snow Snow Operation – Frost Squad Skin

And those are all the challenges and rewards of Operation Snowdown for Fortnite.

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