Carragher warns that Klopp’s exit will see FSG lose Liverpool ‘in a week’ as Super League reactions rage

The Reds legend has hit those who shoot at Anfield, and decisions that affect the collective are made with personal gain

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher says that Jurgen Klopp, leaving Anfield as a result of the plans of the Super League imposed by the FSG, saw that the owners of the Reds would “disappear from that club in a week”.

The discovery that 12 leading European countries, including six from England, have applied to form a new separate competition has angered supporters, former players, sports organizations and politicians around the world.

The reigning Premier League champions found themselves at the center of that storm, as dissenting voices emerged on Merseyside, and Carragher warned John W Henry and the rest of Liverpool’s management that they could be chased – just like their predecessors George Gillett and Tom Hicks were.

What was said?

I’m talking to Sky Sports, former Reds defender Carragher said of the Super League proposals and the impact they could have on his former club: “From my club, the only reason Liverpool is in this is or has a chance to be in this Super League, is that they won are six European cups and 20 championship titles, and only one was under FSG.

“They used everything Liverpool has done in their history, even before Bill Shankly, to line up their pockets.

“The biggest thing is that everyone is against it. Jurgen Klopp spoke about it in 2019 and expressed his position very clearly.

“If Liverpool lose their manager in the next 12 months because of that, then the owners will be left without that club in a week. I can assure you of that.

“It hurts me more because this property was bought by Liverpool on the backs of other American owners who ran the club badly and the fans pulled them out.

“This [owners] got a club to steal. Now six or seven times bigger, they made money and won the lottery with Liverpool. “

Carragher added to the Super League format, which should replace the Champions League as a mid-week competition for those participating: “People will get very bored from Real Madrid against Liverpool. It was exciting, that’s what European football is about.

“This will turn off generations of supporters. It will get boring, there’s nothing. What am I going to get excited about?”

“I love watching Liverpool. Football can take you to a place where nothing else can. This will never take you to this place again.”

Who else spoke in Liverpool?

The Reds were in Premier League action on Monday as they had to play a 1-1 draw away to Leeds United.

The conversation before and after the match on Elland Road was dominated by a Super League debate, and Klopp and James Milner were among those who had to face the issues.

None had anything positive to say about the actions of those above them at Anfield, with the German tactician saying, “I’m 53. Since I’ve been playing football professionally, there’s been the Champions League. My goal has always been to coach the team there. I don’t have one. problems with the Champions League.

“I like the competitive aspect of football. I like that West Ham could play in the Champions League. I don’t want that because we want to, but I like that they have a chance. What can I say? It’s not easy.”

Milner, who led the Reds against his former team, added: “I don’t like it and I hope it doesn’t happen.

“I can only say my opinion, I don’t like it and I hope it doesn’t happen. I can imagine what was said about it and I probably agree with a lot of it.”

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