Carly Waddell and Evan Bass separate after 3 years of marriage

Between Ben’s return, Ivan’s elimination and Tayshia and Zac’s engagement, fans Bachelors the franchise is experiencing a roll of emotion – but it’s not over yet. According to People, favorite fan Bachelors in paradise couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass announced on Wednesday, December 22, that they are separating after three years of marriage.

“We made a difficult decision to separate,” the former couple, who share one-year-old son Charlie and four-year-old daughter Bella, said in a joint statement to the magazine. “We will always nurture our time together and continue to respect each other as we focus on what is best for our family’s future. We greatly appreciate everyone’s love and support and kindly ask you to respect our family’s privacy as we move through this.”

Evan and Carly met in 2016 while filming Season 3 Bachelors in paradise. Although they have since become known as one of the most beloved bachelor couples, they have settled a few strokes on the road to romance. “That very thing was a slide. I broke up with him like five times!” Carly said Glamor 2016. about their relationship in the show. Despite the ups and downs, they got engaged during the season finale and tied the knot at a ceremony along the beach the following year, led by Chris Harrison.

Shortly before the wedding, Carly said E! News that she was optimistic about her relationship with Evan and what the future holds for them. “I think we’re wise in that relationship, we’re definitely more in love than we’ve ever been before. I think we fall for each other more every day, which is fun,” she told the agency. “It’s always been good, [but] only we got to know each other better. We fell even harder on each other. We never had a bad spell. It was always good all the time. ”

Evan repeated those feelings, explaining that he and Carly saw themselves as a “normal” couple who happened to meet under unusual circumstances. “We talk step by step and work to the end,” he said. “I think our communication and our ability to talk … that was key to working on our relationship and working on marriage.”

So far, Carly and Evan have not shared their divisions on social media. However, they both seem to be very committed to the family they have created together. Last father’s day, Evan shared a photo of him with Bella, Charlie and two of his three older sons from a previous marriage. Earlier this month, Carly posted a lovely-faced selfie with her daughter, with the caption “Sending Love Reasons Today”. And as Carly and Evan move through this new chapter in their lives, we bring it back the same.