Cardi B gets an expensive purse from Offset; you will not believe in the price

Her husband Cardi B Offset gave her a very expensive handbag on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2021.

The rapper posted a video of Chanel bags on Instagram, designed in the shape of a golden bird cage. The bag is from the collection of the publishing house before the fall, and it contains diamonds wrapped around the top and bottom with a leather bag on ropes in a cage.

Wondering about the price? It costs a whopping $ 20,500 (Rs 14,89,058). The international star showed the price in the video.

“Wow, thank you honey @offsetyrn. You always bring me something different. We love you and appreciate you, “Cardi B wrote in a post.

The outer part of the bag contains two golden bird structures. In addition, there is a “CC” logo on the bottom, which is joined by pearls.

However, network users did not look too impressed. “I’m too broke to know what it is,” the social media user replied to the Instagram video.

Another wrote, “When an expensive thing looks so cheap, you have to show its price.”

“I hope you are also helping to redistribute wealth and behind-the-scenes opportunities so that your fans struggling to feed their families do not become outraged by this unfair distribution of wealth,” the fan wrote.

What do you think of the purse?

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