Capcom Insider supports previous claims about the release of Switch “Focused” Resident Evil Revelations 3

Last year, Capcom leaked a leak revealing a game called Resident Evil Outrage was scheduled for Q4 2021.

As Capcom insider previously stated Twilight Golem, this title is obvious Resident Evil Revelations 3 (or at least it was originally named so at some point during development) and will be a “switch-focused RE game,” but won’t be platform-exclusive.

The same insider now supported the previous claims – stating that the game will arrive “within a year [Resident Evil] The Village Edition ”due out in May this year, will be part of Capcom’s grand 25th anniversary celebration for his long-running horror survival series.

“This is not from me, but for the record, Revelation 3 comes out within a year of the Village’s release date, either in late 2021 or early 2022.

“The releases as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations, along with Village, will almost certainly be exclusive by Time Switch. But it will be released later this year, for now Village deserves attention and is coming out in just a few months now!”

Dusk Golem continues with a statement that the game “100%” is running on RE Engine for which Capcom used A monster hunter uprising and although it is “time exclusive,” it will publish “about everything” as an intergenerational game. It was also mentioned that Rebecca will continue to be the main character:

“I first heard of Rev 3 in 2017 that he will play Rebecca, and over the years I’ve been updated several times and his game is still Rebecca. I’m half aware of who the second and third protagonists are, both returning characters, but these lips are so far zipped. “

Dusk Golem previously highlighted the new Monster Hunter game for Switch before the official announcement – explaining how it will be launched on RE Engine.

The last entry in the Revelation line was Resident Evil Revelations 2 – an episode of the horror series about survival, which was originally launched in 2015, and appeared on Switch in 2017.