Call the midwife. Viewers who were left “destroyed” by the emotional specialty for Christmas

The Christmas episode Call the Midwife left viewers in tears – and some!

The BBC One-era drama returned this year after a very special meal by Yuletide that experienced some musical performances and heartfelt family moments.

Doctor Who star Peter Davison arrived as a master leader leading a circus in Topola to celebrate Christmas in 1965.

While nurse Trixie Franklin (Helen George) is faced with a rather unexpected gift, Shelagh Turner has lately got perhaps one of the most emotional lines on the show.

By the way, nurse Crane (Linda Bassett) continued to give laughter and tears in some particularly fun scenes.

In the end, it seems that Call Midwife was just a tonic that looked at home needed in the nightmarish 2020.

Nurse Phyllis Crane had to be the star of the show in the Christmas ‘Call The Midwife’

Going to social media, many viewers shared their enthusiasm and emotional reactions to Call The Midwife bringing all the festive feelings.

One viewer wrote on Twitter, “Well #CallTheMidwife he destroyed me today. Such a slide. In a year where all the Earth channels have delivered incredibly weak Christmas dates, it’s nice that this beloved show remains so constant and comforting. “

Another call from a midwife fan wrote, “My God, what an amazing program tonight. Strange old Christmas without a family, but this is exactly what is needed. Thank you very much #CalltheMidwife@ CallTheMidwife1 “.

Pete Davison arrived as Mr. Percival at tonight’s meal

Meanwhile, another member of the BBC One audience commented: ” #CallTheMidwife is the kind of show that should come with a free box of wipes [crying emoji]”.

Elsewhere, another critic from the armchair wrote, “What gives #CallTheMidwife THE RIGHT to make me sob like this on Christmas ?! “

“Phyllis Crane is one of my favorite TV characters ever. She plays Linda Bassett beautifully,” wrote another Call the Midwife fan.

Viewers loved Linda Bassett from the nurse in the gala episode

A different fan of Phyllis asked, “Aren’t we all a bit like the nurse inside? Wanting to fly … #callthemidwife

In the end, one of the midwife’s admirers concluded, “My God, I’m broken. Such a beautiful episode, just what I needed #CallTheMidwife

Call the midwife’s Christmas special is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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