Buni: APC plans to rule Nigeria for 32 years

• A June date for a national convention is feasible, Badaru says

Written by Adedayo Akinwale

The chairman of the National Transitional Committee / Committee for the Planning of Extraordinary Conventions of the Congress of All Progressives (APC), Mr. Mai Mala Buni, yesterday presented the party’s plans to rule Nigeria for 32 consecutive years.

Buni, who is also the governor of Yobe State, said at the opening of the party’s strategy and contact committee in Abuja that the long rule would ensure the effective implementation of the party manifesto aimed at improving Nigerians’ lives and allow the APC to remain Nigeria’s Leading Political Party. .

Buni said: “The party’s vision is to provide a wheel that will lead the party to go beyond the sixth, seventh and even eighth term in order to effectively implement the party manifesto, improve the lives of Nigerians and remain the leading Nigerian political party. ”

He said the party established the committee as part of a collective effort to recover, rebuild and relocate the APC.

According to him, the Transitional Committee, as part of its establishment, recorded true reconciliation and resolved irreconcilable differences among the party’s critical stakeholders.

“As I said before, if you do not manage your crisis, your crisis will manage you. “I am happy to say that the board is leading a comprehensive administration, giving all stakeholders and our members the opportunity to contribute to the difficult task of rebuilding the party,” he said.

Buni noted that the committee has continuously engaged party members to work in various committees as a way of managing the crisis within the party.

He attributed the achievements recorded in that period to the support and cooperation that the board enjoys from party members.

That, Buni added, turned into the return of stakeholders and their supporters who had left the party earlier, while the party’s efforts to attract members of other political parties in the APC were successful.

He also identified another important milestone that the party noted as membership registration and re-validation.

Buni said membership efforts would provide the ruling party with numerical strength and serve as a planning guide.

“Similarly, a revision of the party’s constitution would take into account the ambiguous attitudes and loopholes that have created confusion and controversy over the years. This will make our party dynamic and in line with the changing times, ”he explained.

He said the constitution of the strategy and contacts committee should have consolidated the achievements in building a strong party with a solid structure that would withstand the APC to stand the test of time.

He added: “Therefore, this committee is very crucial for our process of transition to successful congresses and national conventions and for establishing a very strong, respectable and reliable future for the party.”
Buni stated that the composition of the board member was not done from state to state, but on the basis of merit and competence.

He outlined the tasks the committee should include, establishing constructive engagements between critical stakeholders at various levels of the party with the aim of reviving trust among party leaders; conducting a survey to assess the needs of party members and the general public and creating a statement on the vision, mission and core values ​​of the party that will nurture unity.

The board will also develop party repositioning strategies; develop a time frame and framework for implementing the committee’s recommendations; they co-opt the members who may be considered the most suitable and submit periodic reports to the national chair.

Jigawa State Chairman and Governor, Mr. Abubakar Badaru, told reporters after the inauguration that the National Transitional Committee is committed to implementing the national convention in June, despite rumors of an extension.

He added that his board will try to increase the party’s base and contacts by bringing more people into the party.

The governor, however, eased fears that Nigeria would be a one-party state, saying there would always be opposition.

Asked if June was feasible for a national convention, Badaru said the transitional committee would have support to stick to the June date.

He stated: “It is very feasible. I know that the National Transitional Committee committed to delivery in June. And we will support them and do whatever it takes to make sure we deliver by June. ”