Bungie gives in, he won’t let the ‘Destiny 2’ community fail at its dawn

Good good good. We are here.

After a lot of objections and some math that showed that the Destiny 2 community managed to fail its Dawning Community Quest in great rhythm, as most people expected, Bungie jumped in to step up the speed of creating Dawning Spirit to ensure it reached the ultimate goal of a billion until January 5th.

The announcement came late last night and Bungie tripled the generation of Dawning Spirit during the event. I don’t believe this is shown in the game, because in case you now get 9 instead of 3 from getting cookies, but in the background it is triple tracked. Since this was established, we are already seeing the pace increase at a slightly more reasonable rate than the tracker. Not very fast though, watch out, but certainly more than before.

Well, is triple progress enough? In short, yes, it should be, unless the basic pace drops dramatically from here.

When we looked at the numbers before, I said our rate would probably double and hit, but barely. But since our rate has tripled? We should score a billion from the remaining days. Here is the latest chart based on the current boosted pace:

At the current rate, we should score a billion and the last gift on New Year’s Eve. If there is a slowdown (which I would probably predict), it could be the first days of January. But yes, we should be able to clean it up before the event ends on January 5th and I think Bungie tripled it, instead of doubling it to be extremely safe.

This is, of course, the second event in three seasons where Bungie had to jump in and change values ​​so we didn’t fail, and the first was Felwinter’s quest in the Worthy season which was even off track from this one. I’ve already said that I really don’t like community tasks in the “collect big numbers” style, and now more than ever there seem to be no real consequences for them. They’re boring and dirty and you don’t feel like you’re actually contributing much. And if you fail, it’s only a matter of time before Bungie jumps in and elicits numbers to win.

I’m for all the tasks in the community, but they need to be more interesting than what we see here, and they need to evaluate things better, so the values ​​aren’t that great, far to the point that Bungie always has to show up and fix things. There has to be a better way for events like this, because what happened with the last two obviously doesn’t work.

Anyway, we are now on our way to looking for our final “exotic level” reward before the end of the event, but there have been no further hints as to what that might be, not even from data mining. Speculation ranges from exotic sparrows or ghosts to accidental falls to heirs to something really valuable like a catalyst or a new weapon. However, I would not hold my breath because of something amazing. But I guess we can hope.

So, this saga is mostly over, considering that it is almost a guarantee that we will now clean up the event. See you when we talk about the grand prize, I guess.

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