Bukhari comforts the Adamawa community over the rebel attack

Agency reporter

President Muhammad Buhari expressed his condolences to the Kwapre community in the Hong Local Government Area (LGA) in Adamawa over the recent rebel attack in Boko Haram.

Bukhari, represented by the Secretary of the Government of the Federation, Mr. Chief Mustapha, said this when he visited the community on Sunday.

The President expressed his deepest sympathy and condolences to the affected community.

“I am in Kwapre to see things under the direction of President Muhammad Buhari and express my condolences and condolences to the community.

“I saw a level of destruction that is tragic from the monumental dimension.

“I am deeply saddened by what I have seen and I assure the community, the government will do everything possible to protect the lives and property of citizens,” he said.

He said that from the available information, over 78 houses, 12 shops, schools and four places of worship were destroyed.

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He said securing communities is a collective responsibility adding that community members played a big role.

“The government will take steps that will be very effective to reduce the danger as much as possible.

“The government will help the community rebuild the destroyed places,” he said.

Mr. Musa Zarami, Humanitarian Affairs Manager, Northeast Regional Development Commission (NEDC) said the commission provided materials to help victims.

“The donated materials include bags of rice, corn, blankets, rugs, detergents, cooking oil,” Zarami said.

Mr. Simon Yakubu, Dugwabe District Mayor, thanked Buhari for the gesture.

“The destruction was devastating because Kwapre has now turned into a ghost town because the whole community has been displaced.

“The Secretary’s visit to the Federation Government gave us hope and encouraged us to return to our homes,” Yakubu said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Boko Haram rebels attacked the community on Friday, April 9, destroying lives and property. (NAN)