Buhari’s medical trip, a violation of health laws, says a coalition led by Falan


The Alliance for the Survival of COVID-19 and beyond (ASCAB) described President Muhammad Bukhari’s medical trip to the UK as a violation of National Health Law.

In a statement issued yesterday by the group’s chairman and human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), ASCAB added that Bukhari’s regular visits to the UK for a medical examination show the dire condition of Nigerian medicare.

The Coalition Group for Labor and Civil Society said it was contradictory for the president to go abroad for medics when billions of naira were allocated to the health sector each year, in addition to the huge amount of money allocated to the presidential clinic in Aso Rock.

“The President of Nigeria is visiting the United Kingdom for health care 60 years after independence, it is a pity. It confirms that Nigeria cannot guarantee the health of its president even if the country can boast of the debt of experts and teaching hospitals that have remained to rot, ”Falana explained.

The group wondered what could happen to ordinary people if the country could not ensure the welfare of its president.

ASCAB said President Buhari’s action violated the country’s constitution.

The group regretted that millions of Nigerians do not have access to basic health care, while the provision of primary health care is almost abandoned across the country, leaving millions in despair.

ASCAB found the tragic deaths of two prominent human rights activists, Mr. Yinko Odumakin and Innocent Chukwumu, in a suspicious Nigerian health state, saying the two, like millions of Nigerians in rural and urban areas, would have lived if the country’s leaders had funded and equipped hospitals. for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

“The complete neglect of public health care in Nigeria has led to millions of people losing their lives due to preventive death. Although many people die in the millions every year, armed and helpless people, rich and poor suffer from the tragic neglect of the Nigerian health sector by the federal and state governments. “

The most recent known victims are Yinka and Innocent, two people who were notorious for huge casualties in pro-democracy campaigns, but must die due to poor government funding from the health sector and corruption at all levels, ”ASCAB said.

ASCAB said Bukhari had consistently violated the law because treatment and check-ups in the UK were not recommended by a medical board approved by the Minister of Health in accordance with section 46 of the National Health Act.

He quoted a section stating that: “Without prejudice to the right of any Nigerian to seek medical examination, investigation or treatment anywhere inside and outside Nigeria, no public official of the Federation Government or any part thereof shall be sponsored for medical services examination , investigation or treatment abroad at public expense, except in exceptional cases on the recommendation and referral of a medical council, which recommendation or referral is duly approved by the Minister or the State Health Commissioner, as the case may be. ”