Bucky’s notebook makes him the opposite of Steve Rogers (not the same)

The Bucky notebook was given to him by Captain America, although the former Winter Solider used it for a completely different purpose.

Falcon and winter soldier makes a comparison between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes because they both use the same notebook, but each person put in it is what sets them apart. When Steve gave Sam Wilson the shield of Captain America Avengers: Endgame, also gave Bucky his notebook, first seen in 2014 Captain America: Winter Soldier, which contained lists of things that Captain America missed while frozen from World War II. While Steve probably hoped Bucky would enjoy them too, Bucky brings his own additions to the notebook with a different and much more serious goal, while at the same time proving a key difference in how Bucky is actually the opposite of Steve Rogers.

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In Marvel Falcon and winter soldier episode 3, “Power Broker,” Bucky decides to get Baron Zemu out of jail to help him find the Flag Breakers, who have turned into Super Soldiers with the new serum. As they travel to Madripoor to continue the trail, Zemo took Bucky’s notebook and recognized the purpose of the name Bucky had written down: those to whom he had committed a crime as HYDRA’s winter soldier. However, Sam Wilson also recognized the notebook, confirming that it was the same one that belonged to Steve Rogers, who wrote down all the things he wanted to catch up with in the past that he missed while he was frozen, like Thai food Star Wars / Star Trek movies, disco, landing on the moon and Marvin Gaye Trouble Man album (Sam’s recommendation).

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Unfortunately, in the Marvel series, Bucky Barnes felt the need to use the notebook in a more sober and serious way, noting and crossing out the names of those he had wronged and trying to make amends for his dark past, trying to set things right so he could move forward with his life . As a result, it basically creates a key opposite difference between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Although Steve wanted to catch up with the past and make up for lost time, Bucky is much more concerned with resolving the darkness so he can move on and forget the past completely.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 Bucky's List

Unfortunately, some names on Bucky’s list are harder to redeem because of the immense pain and injury he inflicted, like Yori Nakajima. Yori’s son RJ was a management consultant who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a winter soldier killed him because he witnessed the assassin’s last murder. Although Bucky eventually befriended Yori as he gathered the courage to tell him about what had happened to his son, he still did not confess and atone for his actions. Bucky also has other names besides which he will need to attend if he wants to truly move on, although there are a few names that have already been crossed out.

As the former Winter Soldier continues to go through his much darker list in a notebook given to him by Steve Rogers, we can only hope that Bucky will eventually try to accept the things Rogers wrote down and left to him after Bucky’s list ends. While Bucky was obviously already listening Trouble Man album, doesn’t seem to be in a place he can truly enjoy, or anything else on Rogers ’list for that matter. Hopefully Bucky might realize that he still has good in the past, when he manages to reconcile his darkness.

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