BTS scored the top 10 best hits per Korean act on another Billboard radio chart

How their single “Dynamite” wins over a few Billboard on the charts this week, thanks to the release of a new remix with a holiday theme (for example, cut safes from No. 24 to No. 9 on the Hot 100), the song also continues to improve on at least one radio of the company that deals with charts – focused lists. Raising just one more spot in one count, the band went down in history in another way with a release that proved to be a career-defining victory.


This week, Dynamite is advancing with no. 11 at no. 10 onwards Billboards The order of pop songs for adults, which lists the songs that are most successful on dozens of radio stations in the United States known for sticking to “adult pop”, which is usually considered pop music that attracts older audiences.

“Dynamite” is now the top 10 best hit for a South Korean musical act of any kind on the Adult Pop Songs chart, and it took BTS a long time to win this place in the history books. The disco-pop composition has now been present in 40 places for 16 weeks and has only now reached its highest level.

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Almost a decade ago, Psy went down in history when he became the first South Korean musician to rank on the adult pop song charts and was left alone in that achievement for a long time. His groundbreaking “Gangnam Style” won 32nd place in 2012, even though he lived on only seven shots on the roster.

“Dynamite” became something of a shockingly successful radio hit in the U.S., and it helped the seven-member vocal outfit break records and do what no other star from their country has managed. The song was also a historic victory on a similar radio chart Adult Contemporary, where it reached 21st place. On a more general list of pop songs, the earworm broke through to 5th place, a new high for South Korean artists. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was the top 10 on that list, as it landed at No. 10 before.

BTS could continue to climb the adult pop song charts in the next few shots, or it could reach a climax and start falling, reaching the maximum audience in that group. In any case, the melody in English has already proved to be a true champion on American radio stations and has introduced the band to countless new fans, perhaps preparing them for greater success in the future.

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