BTS dominates the list of best-selling albums of 2020, achieving first place and ranking three titles

People don’t buy albums like they used to, because countless music lovers have switched partially or completely to streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. While many artists have focused their attention on where the money is, there will always be lists of best-selling titles each year, even if the names and numbers have changed dramatically compared to just a few years ago.

Some time ago, IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) discovered its ranking of the 10 best-selling albums in the world in 2020. This list is different from another shared yesterday by the same music industry organization, which watched the biggest feature films of the year. This encompassed a number of different consumer platforms, while today’s ranking took into account only net purchases.

BTS are the kings of IFPI’s list of best-selling albums of 2020 in every possible way. They not only sit at the top of the charts, they occupy three out of 10 places, proving once again that they are not only among the busiest musicians in the world, but that they can sell CDs like no one else in the business.

South Korean septet Soul card: 7 takes 1st place, which could have been predicted, because it is the kind of sales success that comes only every few years. The title went to number one in at least 20 countries, and within days of its release it became the best-selling title in the history of their home country.

The entrance right behind the BTS is … BTS. Fertile groups Be, their second attempt at the Korean language in 2020, took second place. That sublime placement is impressive given the fact that Be, which was labeled as a deluxe edition (although the standard option was never available), was only released in late November.

Japanese musician Kenshi Yonezu appeared in 3rd place with his incredibly popular release Wandering sheep, which brings him to this annual list for the first time. The title was a mass hit in his country, and although it did not reach the masses outside that country like the BTS effort that preceded it, on this list his fan base in Japan is so massive that it was largely enough to place him on this ranking.

Taylor Swift Folklore takes 4th place, returning the singer-songwriter to this annual list. Folklore was released in the late summer and was eventually one of her two surprise albums, and more successful than the two of them.

Rounding out the top five is Blackpink’s debut as a whole Album, which broke world records when it fell in October. The South Korean girl group made its name on just a few EPs, so fans were voracious for the whole project, and it was a great salesman from the moment it was released.

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The bottom half of the 10-page list is filled with AC / DC’s comeback album Power Up (No. 6), Justin Bieber Changes (No. 7), BTSs Soul Map: 7 – Journey (No. 8), Arashi’s This is Arashi, which ruled on the list last year (No. 9) and King Gnu Ceremony (No. 10).

According to IFPI, these were the 10 best-selling albums in the world in 2020.

Br. 1 – BTS – Soul card: 7

Br. 2 – BTS – Be (Deluxe Edition)

Br. 3 – Kenshi Yonezu – Wandering sheep

Br. 4 – Taylor Swift – Folklore

Br. 5 – Blackpink – Album

Br. 6 – AC / DC – Power Up

Br. 7 – Justin Bieber – Changes

Br. 8 – BTS – Soul Map: 7 – Journey

Br. 9 – Arashi – This is Arashi

Br. 10 – King Gnu – Ceremony

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