Britney Spears asks the judge to end her father ‘s control over her finances and personal life Ents & Arts News

Britney Spears has officially asked the judge to permanently end her father’s control over her finances and personal life.

The singer, 39, has undergone a conservation order since 2008 after suffering two mental breakdowns.

This means that her father Jamie Spears (68) has since been in charge of all her financial and personal affairs, temporarily giving up his last role in September 2019 due to health reasons.

A care professional named Jodi Montgomery has temporarily replaced him, but the star now wants her to be a permanent conservator.

The the angels court documents also show that she wants to end the controversial arrangement completely if necessary.

Fans have “Free Britney” signs outside of a court hearing in Los Angeles. Image: AP

It reads: “The applicant expressly reserves the right to apply for the termination of this conservation mandate under Article 1861.

“Nothing in the petition from within will be considered a waiver of that right.”

The motion was filed with the judge, and the next hearing is scheduled for next month.

Last week, fans gathered in front of the courthouse with ‘Free Britney’ posters.

Her supporters have consistently protested the arrangement, and the recent one Framing Britney Spears a documentary that shines on the subject.

Court papers, filed by her attorney Samuel D Ingham III, reveal some of the powers conservatives have over the star.

They include the power to “limit and limit” her visitors – except for Mr. Ingham, the possibility of retaining “janitors and guards” and the power to prosecute the restraining order on behalf of the star.

Britney Spears
Spears, 39, failed to remove her father from the conservation post

If Ms. Montgomery’s appointment becomes permanent, she will be able to talk to medical professionals about Spears and access her medical records.

Mr Spears is still the conservator of his daughter’s $ 60 million (£ 43.8 million) estate, despite her previous requests to be removed from the role.

It’s been before tried and failed to remove it as a conservator with claims that she will not perform again until she succeeds.

Legal experts who commented on the case say conservation assignments are almost impossible to complete because their respondents often cannot prove they are sane due to mental health problems.