BREAKING: Niger Delta militants threaten to attack Abuja in Lagos [Video]

The militant group of the Niger Delta, the “Supreme Fighters for the Liberation of Egbesu”, is threatening to launch attacks in major cities.

The militants said they would target infrastructure in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, and the commercial hub of Lagos.

The threat was released in a video released by African Independent Television (AIT) on Tuesday.

He showed a series of men dressed in military uniforms covered faces. They danced around and waved rifles, RPGs, HMGs and GPMGs.

The group accused the federal government of marginalizing the South-South region. It also condemned the amnesty program.

Militants complained that oil-producing countries do not have schools, drinking water, electricity, a hospital and access roads.

They condemned the state of the Ogoni cleanup project, adding that the government is putting politics above the people.

The militants demanded control of resources for the South-South, in the same way that the federal government allowed Zamfari to control the extraction of gold.

“Over the years, the Nigerian government has decided to address the problems of the Niger Delta with children’s gloves. They betrayed the fight and left people to their fate.

“Instead, what is visible is the presence of a military artillery and numerous military personnel scattered towards the Niger Delta, which is killing, raping and mutilating innocent people in the region,” read one of the militants from the newspaper.

The group noted that Nigerian territorial waters are provided by an Israeli company, despite competent local hands.

“We are coming to destroy all your infrastructure in Abuja and Lagos … we will destroy oil facilities both on land and at sea in the not so distant time, we will see that we are crippling the Nigerian economy.”

Militants have nominated former President Goodluck Jonathan, River Governor Nyesom Wike and Edmund Daukoru, a former minister and traditional ruler, to mediate between him and the federal government.