Boldly blocked Google’s FloC ad tracking technology

Brave Software, which offers the Brave open source web browser, said it would block Google’s new FloC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) ad tracking technology.

The company added that it has already disabled FLoC in the Nightly version and Desktop Locks and Android. He plans to make changes to stable versions of the browser in the coming days.

“The worst aspect of FLoC is that it materially damages the privacy of users, under the guise of being adapted to privacy. Others have already explained in detail the many ways in which FLoC harms privacy. Here are just three aspects of FLoC that are particularly damaging and troubling, ”wrote brave CEO and co-founder Brendon Eich and senior privacy researcher Peter Snyder in a blog post.

The post goes on to explain other reasons why the browser opposes FLoC. For example, it claims that FloC allows you to share information such as browsing behavior with websites and advertisers. It also states that the new ad tracking method makes it easier for advertisers to track users across the web.

Brave also shattered Google’s claims about the focus on privacy with FLoC.

“Google’s approach to determining whether a FLoC cohort is sensitive requires (in most cases) Google to record and collect that sensitive cohort! A system that determines whether a cohort is “sensitive” by recording how many people are in that sensitive cohort does not pass the laughter test, “it added.

In case you didn’t know, FloC is Google’s new advertising technology that uses machine learning and other methods to allow the browser to anonymously study users ’browsing and then put them into groups or“ cohorts ”. Because users are classified into these groups, advertising will be based on groups, not individual user data. Google claims that the new method is much safer than the existing model, which uses cookies and other tracking programs to track users online. Google recently started testing the technology on its Chrome browser.

Although Google claims that FLoC is safer, many security experts and competing browsers think differently. DuckDuckGo, another privacy-focused search engine, has criticized Google’s method of tracking ads. People are also asked to block FLoC tracking to protect their privacy.

“Don’t use Google Chrome! Currently, FLoC is only in Google Chrome, and no other browser vendor has expressed an intention or even interest in implementing it. There are various browsers that you can download for free, and we recommend some in our guide to Google’s alternatives, ”said DuckDuckGo.