BOE is starting to supply Apple with OLED boards for the iPhone 12 family

Earlier this year, before even the iPhone 12 family was formed, rumor claimed that Apple was negotiating with BOE to become the third supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone 12 series. However, only Samsung and LG remained in the supply chain with BOE which had some quality control issues and the deal was postponed until those issues were resolved.

Now, the industry analyst says BOE has finally been certified and will soon begin production of OLED boards for Apple’s iPhone 12 family. It is estimated that Samsung will earn about 130 million units in 2021, while LG and BOE will settle for 40, that is, 10 million units.

However, if everything goes well next year with the sale of the iPhone 12, that is, the order could increase to 20 million. This appears to be the company’s first step in taking over 40% of the global OLED panel market, which is projected to reach $ 49.7 billion by 2024.

Source (in Chinese)