Bobby Lashley truly honored with the support of The Rock in front of WrestleMania 37

It is one thing to attract the admiration of a legend in a private conversation.

However, guess what happens when that Dwayne legend “The Rock” Johnson gives you your flowers in front of millions – and millions – Lovers around the world to see.

That’s the position Bobby Lashley found himself in about 72 hours after becoming only the third African-American to be crowned WWE champion. (The Rock was first and Kofi Kingston second).

Catching the Twitter exchange between The MVP of The Hurt Business and The Rock, Lashley simply had to let the “Big One” know how much he appreciated it. Perhaps to his surprise, Lashley quickly realized that it was a two-way street of respect.

Ahead of the WWE Championship defense against Drew McIntyre on Night 1 at WrestleMania 37 on Saturday night, Lashley was still humiliated by The Rock’s words more than a month ago.

“We have a lot of things to strive for in this business,” Lashley began explaining to DAZN News. “We strive for the gratitude of the fans, gratitude for our work and the performances we do, the exhausting torture we put on our bodies. And to go out there and do it day in and day out, we strive for that gratitude.

“But we also seek the gratitude of our peers and our associates and some people like The Rock who paved the way for us,” he continued.

“So having someone like him still watching the product, still keeping up with us, to somehow extend it and congratulate me on my success, man, meant the world to me,” Lashley added with excitement in his voice. “Especially someone at his level, in his caliber, is really an honor. That’s really something I appreciate. “

Furthermore, Lashley especially perfected the part of The Rock tweet that begged, “Take that brass ring and go to everything. You know what to do, champ.”

Lashley sure knows. After taking 16 years to be crowned WWE champion, the way for Lashley to truly “represent” would be to use “The Greatest Stage of All of Them” to not only put a stamp on the moment of WrestleMania of the Almighty Era, but to launch a reign of domination.

“I look at it this way – very few people have held a WWE championship,” Lashley said. “And when you look at the names that held that championship, they are the best of the best in the business.

“So just getting that title was a great achievement in itself, but to keep it and really build that legacy, that’s all I worked for,” he added sternly. “(Dominance) is what I’m going for.”