Bloodborne Producer leaves Sony Japan Studio to ‘create new IP addresses for games’

Following in the footsteps of other recent releases, Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls cover producer Terujuki Toriyama left Sony Japan Studio to create new IP addresses.

SIE Japan Studio producer Terujuki Toriyama, who worked on such In the blood i Demon’s Souls remake, announced his departure from the team. Toriyama’s exit follows news that several other key developers have recently left the company.

Earlier this month, Quiet hill i Mermaid creator Keiichiro Toyama left the role of director and screenwriter at Sony Japan Studio. His departure was not the only one. Other Sony veterans have moved away from their positions, including Gravity Rush’s chief designer Junya Okura and The last guard producer Kazunobu Sato. Both Okura and Sato have since joined Toyama at his newly formed development house, Bokeh Game Studio. Now another integral figure of Sony’s creative operations in Japan is going to greener pastures.

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In a post on Twitter on his official website, In the blood producer Terujuki Toriyama revealed that he will be leaving Japan Studio later this month. As for writing, Toriyama has not yet released too many details about what he plans to do next. However, in a short message from the producer, it is noted that he will “continue to take on the challenge of creating new IP addresses for games in [his] new company“Given his impressive pedigree, Toriyama’s next project may be something that Japan Studio fans want to watch out for when the time comes.

While this could all be completely unrelated, these high-profile departures from Japan Studio have returned to the Bloomberg report, which claims that Sony is actively shifting its focus from Japan. CEO and CEO Jim Ryan revealed the story shortly thereafter, telling Edge Magazine: “Sony believes that the Japanese market remains extremely important to us“I hope that the seemingly exodus from the Japan Study does not indicate that the opposite is true.

Sony recently lost talent in one of its North American first-class studios as well. A few weeks ago, two key members of the Bend studio, both were key The days are over creation, they announced that they had moved from a team based in Oregon. John Garvin, a 20-year-old veteran of the company, revealed in a Twitter post that he resigned last year after delivery The days are over. The director of the game, Jeff Ross, left in late November. Both of these departures from Bend Studio, like those from Japan Studio, count as huge losses for Sony.

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SIE Japan Studio’s latest projects, Astro’s Playroom i Demon’s Souls, are only available on the PS5.

Source: Terujuki Toriyama – Twitter

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