Black Eyed Peas and Zynga send holiday social message for #PlayApartTogether campaign

Zynga has teamed up with the music group Black Eyed Peas to help us be safe during the holidays.

As the pandemic hit earlier this year, Zynga has joined the gaming industry with its #PlayApartTogether campaign to encourage everyone to respect social distancing and play with each other at a distance. That message was accepted by the World Health Organization, as well as many companies in the gaming industry. Now Zynga and Black-eyed Peas continue the campaign by encouraging people to have a healthy and happy holiday season, while staying far enough away to keep everyone safe.

This season, the stakes are high as intensive care units across the United States fill up, and daily infection and death rates peak at all times – perhaps as a result of insufficient social distancing during Thanksgiving. Now, as Christmas and New Year approach, the risks are even greater, despite the conclusions, warnings and the appearance of vaccines.

So Zynga and the Grammy-winning group recorded words of encouragement and hope that they would promote safe behavior during the holidays. Taboo, the founder of Black Eyed Peas, has created personal videos that will be shared via the #PlayApartTogether network of more than 80 video game companies around the world. Zynga publishing house president Bernard Kim personally lobbied the gaming industry to launch the campaign and continue it. #PlayApartTogether is a rare but welcome example of how competitors in a sharp industry can come together around a common goal.

In the meantime, thank you for reading VentureBeat and GamesBeat and I hope your holidays are safe and joyful. I publish stories during the break, and I return full-time on January 4th. Happy Holidays!

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