Bisaat trailer: Vikram Bhatt in directing is full of twists

Film director Vikram Bhatt is back to what his fans love – providing us with another thriller, this time the mystery of a murder called Bisaat. The makers of the MX Original Series released their trailer on Thursday. One look at that, and we know that Bhatt’s style of storytelling is written everywhere, along with twists, uncertainty, and plot.

Starring Sandeepa Dhar, Omkar Kapoor, Khalid Siddiqui, Jia Mustafa, Leena Jumani, Coral Bhamra, Ashmita Bakshi, Trishaan Maini and Tanvi Thakker, the eight-episode series revolves around psychiatrist Kiyana Verma, who wants to help her patient Radhiki, after she complained of a violent marriage. Soon, Kiyana finds herself in chaos when Radhika’s husband and business tycoon Yash Kapoor is killed and she becomes the prime suspect. What follows is a series of blackmail, revelations, and a chase game.

Speaking about how to manage whodunit, Vikram Bhatt said, “Thriller as a genre has always captivated me as a viewer, which is why I often show it on screen. As a storyteller, I enjoy getting the tension out to the maximum and the audience is preoccupied with the journey of my characters. Bissaat is a tricky game that includes exposés, high roles and emotional wrecks that promise you will expect the unexpected. The cast has done an amazing job and I hope to work with each of them again. “

Sandeepa Dhar added, “How can it be said not to work with Vikram, sir? His storytelling style has so many bad moves, and his narratives spin a twisted web of lies, deception, and despair that truly shines on the screen. This role required a lot of preparation and for someone who is always charged and ready to go, I had to soak up a sense of acute calm for the role of dr. Kiyane. I was working on my behavior for a month before we started shooting and it was a great learning curve. “

Bisaat will start streaming on MX Player on April 15th.