Bethesda Auctions a chance to design a Starfield character for charity

Bethesda fans are looking forward to any piece of information about Starfield, the upcoming open-world science fiction game in the studio, but the new charity auction may actually allow you to directly influence it. Bethesda has partnered with the Make-a-Wish for the Evening of Wishes 2021 event, a set of various auctions that support the organization’s efforts. Bethesda Award? A chance to help design a character to appear in Starfield.

Judging by the official description of the auction, it seems that it can be either designing an original character or simply shaping a look like yourself. The winner will also work in some capacity alongside Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard.

The auction winner will also receive an Xbox Series X and 16 Bethesda games.

As of 15:00 PST, the current bid for the lot is $ 4,000. You can find the auction at in the “exclusive experiences” category.

Bethesda was discovered by Starfield back in 2018 and has barely provided updates since. Earlier in 2020, we learned that Starfield was getting a “major engine rewrite” for next-generation consoles, and Todd Howard said it was the biggest update ever made on Bethesda’s Creation Engine, which runs Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.
Joseph Knoop is a screenwriter / producer / space cowboy for IGN.