Best Autumn Ratings Fox & NBC, ABC first time watched entertainment network for the first time in 20 years – deadline

Autumn 2020 was not similar to any beginning of the show. With the production of the coronavirus pandemic for months, ABC, NBC and CBS’s first scripted originals 2020-21 began running a month in the season, while Fox and CW opted for fall compositions that mostly consist of shows already canned or acquisition, in addition to Fox’s sports programming and the new season Masked singer and the latest episodes of CW Supernatural.

In a season that is already starring due to the pandemic, Fox led by 18-49 (1.4) in strength. Thursday Night Football i Masked singer, as NBC paced Sunday Night Football i This is us, was the most watched network (6.11 million), according to the latest rating information from the Nielsen season.

Fox’s animated comedy ‘The Great North’ for pre-NFL preview on Fox Doubleheader

Excluding sports and breaking news, ABC, which does not have NFL football on its fall schedule, ranked No. 1 in the 2016 Entertainment Network network for the first time in 5 years among adults ages 18 to 49 – since 2015 – and as the best entertainment network in the total number of viewers (5.1 million) for the first time in 20 years – from the season 2000-2001, at its peak Who wants to be a millionaire? madness.

Not all networks have been operational since the fall of 2019; ABC’s declines were single-digit for both 19-49 and total viewers; all other broadcasters were off-digit.

ABC received a rating drop Bachelor’s degree, a summer foodstuff, whose latest season has been postponed due to a pandemic. It is ranked as the fourth fall entertainment program 18-49 (1.8), behind the NBC Jacker This is us (2.5), Fox’s high flight Masked singer (2.3) and the ABC revival Grey’s Anatomy (2.2). CBS summer stalk Big Brother’The 2020 meal also ran deep into the fall, ending its end in late October. Its four weekly releases were the four best-rated autumn programs of CBS in the demo version.

Despite the drop in ratings, football still dominated the drop in ratings from 18 to 49 and the total number of viewers, with NBC Sunday Night Football and Fox Thursday Night Football ranking as no. 1, ie no. 2.

CBS has made a strong mark on the list of most-watched non-sports fall programs with an honorable drama NCIS (12.9 million) at number 1; 60 minutes (11.9 million), fueled by high-level television shows and election-related introductions to football, at No. 2; i FBI (11.0 million) at No. 4 on NBC This is us (11.1 million) took 3rd place.

Among several new series to debut this fall is ABC’s drama Big sky and Fox’s new reality I see your voice they were ranked best in 18-49, tied at 1.3. Total viewers, Big sky (8 million) was also the first, followed by the CBS comedy B Positive (6 million). They both received orders throughout the season.