Bella Hadid is wearing striped polo and Von Dutch jeans on vacation

Bella Hadid brings back another trend of early events.

The model, who has a sartorial love affair with the 90s and 2000s, recently posted a series of photos on the beach on her Instagram feed showing her latest look back. In the front row of the art collage were a pair of low-rise Von Dutch jeans, around the early 2000s, with the brand logo glued to the front of both legs.

She shaped the denim cut in the boots into multicolored striped stripes version Frankie Bikinis’ Rose Terry Romper and complex accessories. In contrast to her denim, her bracelets, rings and necklaces embodied the hottest jewelry trends of the summer of 2021 from growing Instagram-friendly brands like La Manso. All in all, she kept a relaxed outfit, combining the ensemble with New Balance sneakers.

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Von Dutch was extremely popular during the 2000s. Celebrities, including Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, infamously wore truck hats, children’s T-shirts and denim stamps during their paparazzi period. Ashton Kutcher celebrated the label known for ships from that era. Nostalgic pieces are often what comes to mind when we consider the early 2000s – and obviously a whole new generation is on board.

Known for her ability to take risks with a style that pays off, the model provides strong arguments for reviving the 2021 label. decades and turning them into a look that feels fresh.

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