Beauty from Erdem from autumn 2021: Modern look at “The Red Shoes” makeup

“Erdem wanted to create a look that conveyed the transitional experience of dancers during the show,” says makeup artist Jane Richardson, a vision by designer Erdem Moralioglu for his fall show, where he accessed a 360-degree approach to dancers ’wardrobe, from dance clothes to rehearsals. to decorate stage costumes. “It’s an insight into the look, if you will, of a look that exists for one minute and the next disappears.”

Photo: courtesy of NARS

In the mood for beauties this season, the couple landed on iconic graphic eyeliner and red lips by Moire Shearer in 1948. Red shoes. “He was attracted by the expressive use of lines with which ballerinas open their eyes and show emotions, as well as the shade of red that we see in the film,” Richardson explains. One thing Moralioglu was adamant about devising a new reimagination? “At no point could there be an eye i lips, “she says.” I think that’s what makes the look modern and wearable. “

Moira Shearer u Red shoes, 1948Photo: Alamy