Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond finally arrive on HBO Max in January

Numerous beloved DC titles move from DC Universe to HBO Max on January 1, inclusive Batman: Animated Series i Batman Beyond.

Starting in 2021, series and movies like Green Lamp: Animated Series,, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, i Batman: Bad blood will become available to HBO Max subscribers. Other DC titles available on other streamers, including Superman: Judgment Day i Superman: The man of tomorrow, will also be available on HBO Max. You can see the full list on the WarnerMedia website.

This move is not too surprising considering that DC previously announced that the DC Universe streaming service will be transformed into a comic book exclusive platform called DC Universe Infinite, starting on January 21st. Shows and movies that are still on DC Universe will move to HBO Max during the month.

Until recently, many titles were available exclusively at DC Universe, which costs an additional $ 8 per month. For people who want to marathon a bunch of their favorite DC series and movies over the holidays, maintaining two subscriptions – one for DC Universe and the other a monthly subscription of $ 15 for HBO Max – is not ideal. Still, as WarnerMedia puts additional emphasis on growing HBO Max, moving the DC Universe title to its latest streaming service will help strengthen and retain subscribers to HBO Max.

2021 is an important year for WarnerMedia and HBO Max. The company simultaneously airs its films on HBO Max on the same day they hit theaters. Executives hope the move will accelerate the streamer’s subscriber base, which is not growing as fast as industry insiders would like. HBO Max will also host some great originals, including Zack Snyder Justice League cut ia Gossip restart, among other things. Have a number of popular “comfort series” like Batman: Animated Series i Batman Beyond it can encourage people to keep their HBO Max subscriptions active even after watching the latest shows and movies.

(I warmly recommend the animated HBO Max Harley Quinn series if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s the best TV show I’ve watched all year.)

Not to mention that if you’re like me, you didn’t very quietly ask WarnerMedia to move Batman: Animated Series almost for a while. In between Animated series,, Batman Beyond,, i WandaVision at Disney Plus, it’s the right time to stream, for both DC and Marvel fans.