BasisAI helps APAC technical firms embrace responsible artificial intelligence as open loop partners

The Basis AI and Open Loop partnership paves the way for transparent and explanatory AI use.

SINGAPORE,, February 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BasisAI, an artificial intelligence technology firm and Singapore partner of Open Loop, a global experimental management program, recently helped APAC startups develop their own explanatory AI (XAI) solutions.

BasisAI helps APAC technical firms to accept responsible artificial intelligence as open loop partners (PRNewsfoto / BasisAI)

The Open Pacific Asia Pacific program is a partnership between the Media Development Agency Infocomm (IMDA) and the Commission for Personal Data Protection (PDPC), Facebook and local partners such as BasisAI. The goal of the program is testing and improvement Singapore AI management frameworks in the field of AI / ML explain and contribute to its wider adoption, while providing practical insights into how companies can develop and implement easy-to-understand AI systems.

Started at July 2020, the program employed 12 AI companies from Asia-Pacific regions to participate in a six-month prototyping program. Under the mentorship of BasisAI, program participants used BasisAI’s proprietary machine learning platform, Bedrock, to develop their own XAI solutions.

As a dedicated Open Loop partner for private sector technical assistance, BasisAI participated in the Open Loop prototyping phase to guide companies in developing their AI explanatory solutions based on a series of dynamic scenarios built and personalized for each participating company. BasisAI taught and guided participants in the use of Bedrock to explore technical possibilities and understand trade-offs in selecting responsible AI algorithms.

“As a brand that scales responsible artificial intelligence in enterprises, BasisAI’s specialty is in building robust artificial intelligence systems that are explicable, fair and easy to maintain. Efforts to promote understanding and trust in responsible artificial intelligence are crucial as we move toward a world that The Open Loop program has shown that BasisAI is well on its way in enabling businesses to deploy real AI systems, extensively and based on a solid foundation of trust, ”said Mr. Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder and CEO of BasisAI.

“BasisAI fits perfectly into the Open Loop program. As a company that has invested in advancing and scaling responsible artificial intelligence practices and is committed to informing and helping build sound AI governance frameworks, we are thrilled to have BasisAI as Open Loop’s technical assistance partner. ” he said Norberto Andrade, PhD – Facebook’s leading global policy guide for digital and art ethics.

BasisAI is signing a long-term partnership with Open Loop participant Nodeflux

Following the Open Loop program, BasisAI signed a partnership with one of the participants, Nodeflux, a leading start-up computing company in Southeast Asia, develop explanatory skills for face recognition and object detection. This is a pioneering work that will contribute to increasing public safety in the use of computer vision.

“Our computer vision systems and products are implemented in a wide range of sectors such as smart cities, defense and security, banking, retail and wholesale. We understand that the AI ​​explanation will be a very important component of AI implementation in the future and we have gathered valuable insights on XAI in collaboration with BasisAI during the Open Loop program. We are therefore excited to continue this partnership to use the Bedrock platform and BasisAI’s deep XAI know-how to strengthen the clarity of our AI solutions, “said Adhiguna Mahendra, PhD – Nodeflux, Head of AI Research and Innovation product.

About Open Loop

Open Loop is a global program that connects policy makers and technology companies to help develop effective evidence-based policies around artificial intelligence and other new technologies. The initiative is based on the cooperation and contribution of a consortium consisting of regulators, governments, technology companies, academics and civil society representatives. Through experimental management methods, Open Loop members work together to create policy prototypes and test new and different approaches to laws and regulations before they are enacted, improving the quality of the technology policy-making process.

About BasisAI

BasisAI, a technology company based in Singapore, is on a mission to build a well – managed, reliable AI system with its experienced team of world – class AI leaders and practitioners. Through its own Bedrock system, Basis AI provides a machine learning platform that prototypes into an orchestrated production cycle in minutes rather than months, allowing business customers to make a real impact with a long-term competitive advantage.

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