Bashir el-Rufai: Why do we need driving licenses in the country we own?

Bashir el-Rufai, the son of the governor of Kaduna state, asked why northerners need a driver’s license to use their vehicles in the country they own.

Bashir responded to a Twitter user who claimed that citizens could drive through northern Nigeria without permits for 20 years.

The user wrote, “you can drive a vehicle in the north for more than 20 years without a license,” to which the governor’s son replied, “why would we need licenses to drive on the roads in a country we own?”

The question, posed on Bashir’s Twitter page on Thursday, sparked a wave of mixed reactions from Nigerians.

While some users downplayed the weight of the tweet, others criticized it for suggesting that northerners own the land.

“Imagine what the governor’s son is saying, someone who should be an example to others, even says that we don’t need a driving license in 2021 in the 21st century,” the user wrote.

Another user wrote: “Bash’s answer is completely incorrect. Call it sarcasm or whatever.

“His response can be used against him in the near future, but still, I want to understand which of the north the guy is talking about at all? If it is then northern Nigeria. The guy is a joke. ”

This is not the first time Bashir has posted headlines due to controversial tweets.

In 2020, he said he would rather be beheaded rather, he apologized for posting photos before the wedding that his conservative Muslim audience found controversial.

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