Bale admits Tottenham had “minor tooth problems” under Mason as they won the first game after Mourinho

The Lilywhites set up a tight home run against Southampton in the middle of a dramatic week and were forced to work hard for all three points

Gareth Bale admitted “minor dental problems” to Tottenham in their first game under interim manager Ryan Mason after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho, as the club needed a penalty to stop by Son Heung-min to achieve a 2-1 victory. over Southampton on Wednesday.

Entering the process, the Spurs endured a chaotic 72 hours that included a Super League fiasco as well as Mourinho’s departure, but Bale said the chat half-time helped calm the team, and their improved effort in the final 45 minutes was eventually rewarded with a goal win

Bale admitted that it will “take some time” to adjust to playing under Mason, who at the age of 29 is the youngest manager in the history of the Premier League.

What was said?

“Southampton attacked us and pushed hard the first half, we only had a few days with the new manager to try to do some things, so it’s going to take a while,” Bale said Sky Sports.

“But we talked well at half-time about what we could improve on, and we did that second half and controlled the game and deserved the win.

“[We need to] just for patience, solve positional issues as a team. We only have a few days to work on it, so only minor dental problems. We will continue to improve for [Carabao Cup] weekend finals. “

Bale also claimed that Super League drama is behind the team and is no longer an issue.

“We as players that we were focused on are trying to persuade a new manager, as far as I’m concerned, the thing is closed – it’s not happening, so we’re all good and we can continue normally,” he said.

The bigger picture

Tottenham can now raise the morale of a positive start under Mason in their biggest campaign match this weekend – the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City, which provides a chance to win their first trophy since 2008.

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