Baby Yoda jumps with director Robert Rodriguez on the Mandalorian set


Mandalorian director Robert Rodriguez is spending some quality time with Baby Yoda on set.

Robert Rodriguez / Twitter

Director Robert Rodriguez has shown fans that he can be trusted with the Star Wars adventure that represented the return of no one else Boba Fett myself with Mandalorian episode titled Chapter 14: Tragedy, is now airing on Disney Plus.

As a treat for fans, Rodriguez shared a cute behind-the-scenes recording of him playing while playing acoustic guitar Baby Yoda (aka Grogu) grooves in music.

“Here’s a Christmas present to all those who asked me what it’s like to hang out with Baby Yoda on the set of #The Mandalorian #The Tragedy. Check out the Disney gallery for more scenes behind the scenes,” Rodriguez tweeted Thursday night.

While it’s clear that Baby Yoda is strong with Force, thanks to this recording posted by Rodriguez, he seems to be a small fan of guitar riffs.

With our fingers crossed we can see Baby Yoda dancing in a future episode of the Mandalorians – or even join dancing with Baby Groot in some Star Wars movie / Marvel multiverse.

Fans who want to see more behind-the-scenes shots of Baby Yode should check out the new one-hour special Disney Gallery: Mandalorian: Creating Season 2 which was released on Disney Plus for Christmas.

The documentary examines each episode and includes interviews with the cast and crew. It also features early conceptual art, storytelling decisions, and the technology used to create the show.

This is a different approach from the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian took for season 1. It was an eight-episode documentary series that watched the show’s first eight episodes.