Ayade’s aide threatens suicide over unpaid wages

… He did not complete the documentation… .Source

…. I was alone before my appointment … Freeman

Written by Ike Uchechukwu Calabar

Appointed Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State, Mr. Freeman Godwin, an indibuna from Obudu, has threatened to kill himself for unpaid salaries since his appointment as assistant.

Vanguard learned that Freeman was among those appointed in November 2020 and has not received a salary since.

In the video, which has now gone viral, Freeman lamented the difficult situation, saying he borrowed money to do the paperwork, and his wife also gave birth to a baby by surgery, adding that he sold everything he had for the loan he got hoping it would be would be paid, but all to no avail.

He decided to end it all by saying that when it was time for work, he would take advantage of you and then dismiss you with so many tricks and excuses.

Vanguard learned that colleagues stopped him in the office on Monday in Calabar when he tried to hang himself with a rope on a ceiling fan, as seen in a 2-minute, 47-second video.
His words: “When the time comes for work, they will take advantage of you and reject you. Now they throw you here and there as if you were nobody.

“I am going to die for this government. They play me up and down, they send me here and there. “Now I am ready to die,” he said.

“You were not here on Tuesday (he told his colleagues). How a man will call himself a leader and come out of his office with what belongs to you and will ask you to go to His Excellency the Governor and collect a letter before he follows you.

“I am ready to die in this office. I chose him to take my life.
I lost everything. I was there living my life and they called me to make an appointment.


“They asked me to borrow money to get approval. At the end of the day, pick some people and pay # 100,000. Telling me that Ben Ayade said, Ben Ayade said.

“So I should go and get a letter from Ben Ayade. Please don’t touch me. I will die for them. I sold everything to pay that young man since I borrowed money.

“I borrowed money, came here and did the documentation, hoping that when I was paid, I would repay the loan.
You see, my wife just gave birth to surgery. Girls, I just said to see what I can do, but not at all “, he described in the video.

When he contacted Governor Ayada’s special media and public relations adviser, Mr Christian Ita declined to comment on the matter.

But an internal government source said he was among the aides appointed by Governor Ben Ayade in November 2020, but failed to complete his documentation.

“He is among those appointed in 2020, he is not the only person affected, I believe everything will be resolved as soon as possible,” the source said.

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